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The Church is the Body of Christ and its mission is to continue the work of Jesus Christ on earth.The Parish Pastoral Council seeks to carry out this work in Killester by means of procedures, programmes and processes designed to improve or facilitate :

         The proclamation of the Word of God,

         Faith formation and catechesis,

         The celebration of the Sacraments,

         The fostering and support of Christian family life,

         Ministry to the poor, sick, elderly and handicapped,

         The promotion of issues of social justice,

         The inclusion in its ministry of youth and those who have ceased to practise the faith or who have no faith.

The Parish Pastoral Council is broadly representative of all strands of  parish life and its present members are:
Pat Kenny, Chairperson
Carol Nash, Secretary
John Caulfield
Alexsandra Kozka
Tom O'Brien
Lorraine O'Byrne
Kathleen O'Regan
Eithne Reynolds